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I'm Margaret Collins and a few short years ago I had a normal sort of job with a normafl sort of pension and a normal sort of mortgage that was almost paid off… and then I met Judith Morgan!

Judith co-owns The Money Gym with Nicola Carincross (the founder of this great Money Gym community) and together they introduced me to property investment, buy-to-let then rent-to-own.

They taught me how to build a business in the real world to replace my job and another business that runs itself and makes me sales while I sleep because it's on the internet and available worldwide 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

And now I no longer have a job (which Nicola always told me was an acronym for Just Over Broke!) and make my money from a mixture of "unconventional sources".

My father, a very traditional sort of man and a lifelong, faithful employee, now calls me a Spiv!

I wear that name as a badge of honour and have set up this website to celebrate "Spiv-ness"!

Maybe you invest in property, have an internet business or even a real world business that means you don't have to do the "9 til 5" job stuff that keeps the majority of the population busy for most of their waking lives, if so…

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